3 Reasons to Consider an Off-Season Move From Professional New Jersey Household Movers

Moving your family to a new home can be stressful, no matter when you move. However, moving during the offseason could make your move less stressful for you. Most moving companies report a surge in activity between May and September. Not only do these months have warmer weather, but school is out for the summer. Moving between school years makes sense for families with school-age children because it gives your children time to adjust.

However, if you can, planning a New Jersey move during the offseason (October to April) may have unexpected benefits.

Benefits of Moving During the Offseason

While it may seem obvious, moving during months when professional moving companies aren’t as busy makes the entire process easier on you. Many moving companies offer personalized service to their customers to ensure each move is seamless and every customer is completely satisfied. However, moving during the offseason may allow you to enjoy even better service for three reasons:

  1. Flexible Scheduling
  2. Timely Delivery
  3. Discounted Service

​​Flexible Scheduling

As much as you may try to plan for a move as far ahead as possible, sometimes a move is last minute. A last-minute move during the offseason is easier than a last-minute move during peak moving season. Even if you can plan for a move in advance, moving during the offseason gives you greater freedom in choosing your moving company, planning your pick-up and delivery times, and allowing you to schedule moving services around your timeline. In addition, your movers may be able to complete your move ahead of schedule, which could lessen your stress even further.

​​Timely Delivery

If you’re moving across the country, your moving company may ship some of your larger items to you using one of their larger moving trucks. Unfortunately, your items may not arrive when you would like them during the busy season. Your moving company may have to wait until they have another delivery in the same area, or they may need to wait until they have the manpower and personnel to drive across the country. Moving during the offseason means your New Jersey long-distance movers aren’t as busy, allowing them to deliver your belongings quicker. If your belongings are delivered quicker, you can start making your new house feel like home sooner.

​​Discounted Service

One factor you may not consider while planning a move is the price difference of moving during the summer versus the winter. During the busy season, many people are competing for professional moving services, which causes prices to increase. During the winter, less competition means lower prices for potential customers. In addition, many moving companies may offer special promotions or discounts on their services, moving supplies, and equipment. You may also enjoy lower prices on homes if you’re moving to an area that experiences a drop in real estate prices during the winter.

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