Tips from Long-Distance Movers for Moving Collectibles Items

Are you contemplating a long-distance move, but feel nervous about moving your collectible items? Fine China, luxury handbags, figurines, vintage instruments, and more can make a long-distance move feel stressful, but our New Jersey long-distance movers at All Edgewater Movers are here to help. Our professionals have helped many clients with valuable, collectible items move their collection safely, and our team has listed their best tips for proper packing, protection planning, warehouse storage, and more for you.

Smaller Items Need Proper Packing Supplies

Small collectible items need to be properly packed for a long-distance move to ensure nothing of value is broken or damaged. For ideas as to the best packing supplies you can use, we recommend:

  • Packing Peanuts
  • Bubble Roll
  • Packing Paper
  • Cardboard Boxes with Dividers

When using tape, you always want to be careful not to accidently stick the tape to any sensitive surfaces on your collectibles. If you’re worried about the packing process, we always recommend turning to professionals, like All Edgewater Movers, who have been expertly trained to pack your collection most effectively.

Larger Items Need Moving Blankets and Crating

If your collectibles are larger items, such as vintage furniture or instruments, professional movers use moving blankets to give your valuables an added layer of protection. Professional moving companies can also provide wood crating that is custom designed to fit your belongings. This is to make sure your items won’t be jostled around during transport.

You May Want to Consider Protection Planning Options

By law, all moving companies will provide you with free, basic valuation coverage called Released Value Protection. The downside of Released Value Protection is that any damaged items will be reimbursed by weight, but not by the monetary value of the item.

Many collectibles are small and Released Value Protection won’t cover the actual worth of the item, which is why we recommend full replacement valuation options. Be sure to ask your moving provider about their Full Value Protection plans if you are moving a large collection of small, expensive items so you get all your money back. We highly recommend self-transportation for smaller items that can be carried with you during transportation, such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Card Collections

Check Which Warehouse Storage Options are Available to You

Sometimes, you won’t be ready to receive your collection as soon as you arrive at your new home. In this case, we advise checking what warehouse storage options are available to you through your moving provider.

Many professional moving companies, such as All Edgewater Movers, can securely store your belongings in sturdy wooden crates. Ask about your moving company’s climate-control capabilities if you’re worried heat or cold could damage your collection.

For More Information, Contact Our Residential Movers in New Jersey Today

Our New Jersey long-distance movers at All Edgewater Movers would be happy to share even more tips about how to safely move your collection during a big move across the country. We would also like to provide you with our exceptional moving services, with full-service packing and unpacking, custom crating, high-quality packing supplies, and storage options available to you.