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Top 5 Senior Moving Tips According to New Jersey Long-Distance Movers

If you have a relative who has retired or wants to move closer to their family, planning a long-distance move can seem like a challenging task. In many cases, this means they will need to leave a long-time home and downsize. 

As a New Jersey long-distance moving company, we know the importance of working with an experienced team for these moves. To help make relocating your senior loved ones easier, here are the top 5 moving tips for long-distance relocations. 

1. Work With a Moving Company That Shares Your Communication Preferences 

During a long-distance move, you never want to feel like you are in the dark about what the moving company is doing. While working with a moving provider, you should work with a company that uses your preferred form of communicating. Whether it is phone calls, texts, or emails—a company that keeps you informed will reduce the stress of the move. 

2. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time For Downsizing

Over time, we tend to collect items throughout the years that we keep in our homes. While relocating, there will be circumstances that require getting rid of items to downsize. Provide enough time for your loved ones to decide if they will keep or get rid of items in the home. 

Getting rid of items can be difficult for many people, as we become attached to these memories. Once you have decided which items will come with you, choosing to donate the remaining items can benefit those in need. Numerous charities will accept used clothing, furniture, kitchenware, etc. 

3. Consider a Full-Service Packing and Unpacking 

If you want to avoid the hassle of packing your items, working with a professional moving company can be a great choice. With packing and unpacking services, a company can properly pack your items to ensure they stay safe. If your relative is out of state, this is a convenient option that offers reliable results. 

4. Take Precautions When Relocating Medical Equipment 

Valuable medical equipment should always receive extra precautions during a move. A moving company can help you coordinate to ensure that all medical equipment functions properly on arrival. Talk to your local moving company to understand the steps they take to transport medical equipment properly.

5. Help Coordinate Transportation For People and Pets 

Once you plan the transportation of belongings, you need to create a plan for transporting the people and their pets. Choose comfortable transportation options that will minimize the stress associated with a long-distance move. If you can, joining your relatives on the move can significantly reduce stress for them. 

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