5 Must-Have Items for Moving Day

Things get crazy on moving day. Stuff breaks, the movers are late, you come across a drawer you thought you’d emptied. You get the picture.

There’s no way to predict what kind of shenanigans are in store, so the best you can do is be prepared and have the right supplies for those just-in-case moments on the horizon.


We’ve come up with five indispensable items that will help you feel like a member of moving day Mensa.


Your landlord told you not to put holes into the drywall, but you forgot. Now you’re moving and the walls need to look smooth. Here’s where the toothpaste comes in. Simply dab a little white paste (skip the blue gel) onto your finger, rub it into the nail or screw hole, and scrape off the excess paste. Touch it up with a little paint, and you’re good to go. It’s not as good as spackle, but it’s great in a pinch.


Why carry something heavy when you can roll it? Skateboards can be remarkably effective in getting hefty boxes from Point A to Point B. Sure, you’ll have to make sure the boxes don’t fall off the board, but it beats straining your back. Just remember—boards do have a weight limit, so don’t go bananas.


A biggie. We all have plans to be completely organized and make a spreadsheet that details what boxes contain which items. But during the chaos of moving day, planning can fly out the window. Hence, the need for a marker you can count on. You’ll be writing on boxes, and odds are any last-minute contents will be random and impossible to remember without writing down. One of my boxes has these words scrawled on it: “Darth Vader Potato Head, extra phone chargers, grandma’s sandals, slides from trip to Branson.” You get the idea.


Of course you need packing tape. But what you might consider skimping on is the dispenser. Don’t. Spring for a good tape dispenser. The last thing you need when you’re trying to pack boxes is to accidentally tape your fingers together or get the tape stuck to itself.


If your baseboards are white, odds are they have a few scuffs and scratches. A little bit of white shoe polish can help wipe away the wear and tear, leave your former landlord a happy camper, and increase your likelihood of getting your deposit back.