Moving Safety Tips for New Jersey Residents

Safety is the number one priority in most industries, and the field of moving is no different. At All Edgewater Movers s, we’ve been relocating belongings for over 70 years, but we understand that not everyone has this background. Unfortunately, inexperience with the relocation process can actually result in injuries like sprained ankles or worse.

We’re here to provide New Jersey residents with a few safety tips to keep in mind as they’re preparing for a move. Whether you’re planning to relocate across town or across the country, you’ll be doing a lot of packing and shuffling of belongings. Rather than getting overwhelmed with the chaos and inviting the potential for injury, taking a deep breath and preparing ahead of time can save yourself both a headache and a backache.

One of the most important steps you can take to be safe on moving day is actually done the day before—get a good night’s sleep. It can be tempting to stay up late in the night planning for the transition, but in reality, you’ll be doing yourself more favors by getting your full eight hours of rest. No one should be trekking up and down staircases with bulky boxes when they’re not well-rested. Doing so is a recipe for disaster as you won’t be operating at peak performance.

Additionally, don’t forget to fuel up with a healthy breakfast to ensure you have plenty of energy. Keep a water bottle handy throughout the day so you can stay hydrated. You can even begin the day with a couple of stretches to loosen up your muscles. Consider doing a few lunges, shoulder rotations, and squats to get your body ready for the workout that inevitably comes with moving.

Don’t try to take shortcuts on moving day, either. That means instead of overpacking a box, take the time to pack multiple ones and spread out the contents over those additional boxes. Use appropriate moving supports like hand trucks, flat dollies, and lifting straps. Distributing heavy weights reduces the risk of straining your back or dropping an object on your foot.

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