How Much Will Your Home Relocation from New Jersey Cost?

Knowing how much your home relocation is likely to cost will give you clear indications on how to plan your move, avoid unpleasant surprises, and stump up the required budget. There’s no doubt about how stressful a move can be, whether it’s to the next block or across state lines. Whatever the case, this article contains pointers to help you have a clear picture of the costs genuine residential movers attach to their services.

How Local Moves Are Priced

A local move is often priced based on the amount of time it may take to get your items to a new location, plus the cost of transporting them. For that, moving companies consider the hourly rate, crew members needed for the job, and the time it will take to complete the job. These three factors are combined to calculate the total labor cost for the move.

It’s also normal for a moving company to charge fees to cover fuel expenses for their trucks and other vehicles used from your current residence to your new location.

How Long-Distance Moves Are Priced

A long-distance or cross-country move is calculated differently. Many New Jersey long-distance movers will base their pricing on the weight of the items being moved. For your move, an assigned professional estimator takes a computerized inventory of all items to be shipped. A mathematical formula follows that up to estimate the total weight of items. The total weight and the carrier’s tariff rate help to determine moving costs.

Why In-Home Estimates Are Necessary

Whether your move is local or long-distance, provision must be made for home movers to inspect the items in person. This way, they can provide an accurate estimate that’s ideal for your budget. The estimate considers the moving company’s time and equipment usage.

A professional mover must also ascertain if a move will require special circumstances such as limited truck access or extra time to navigate difficult areas like stairwells/elevators in buildings.

Pricing for Additional Services

Residential movers in New Jersey will require you to pay extra fees for additional services like packing and storage. Such services often require extra manual labor or warehouse space. Also, you should be ready to pay extra money if you want the movers to provide disposable packing supplies like tapes, wraps for furniture, and moving boxes.

Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates

A binding cost estimate in written form is your best bet to generate a budget for your move. It helps to protect you from extra charges that may arise from unforeseen circumstances a household moving company might experience during the move.

A non-binding estimate favors a moving company more and allows them to increase the price during a move (subject to legal limits) to cover unanticipated expenses.

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