How to Pack Your Bedroom

Bedrooms aren’t impossible to pack, but the thought of having to pack up your bedroom may overwhelm you just the same. Many of you keep your bedrooms comfortable and cluttered because you’re probably not parading every guest you entertain there – it’s your private space where you sleep and keep however you choose. In order to motivate you to pack up before the moving company arrives; use this simple guide for packing up your bedroom.

Grab the Right Supplies
Before you check out the bedrooms, ensure that you purchase the appropriate packing and moving supplies. Buy an assortment of moving boxes, plenty of tape, multipurpose shears and different colored permanent markers to accommodate your bedroom contents. Assess each bedroom; adding furniture and other major household items to your moving inventory list, taking note of anything requiring special attention when packing or by the moving company.

As always, go through the decluttering process by evaluating what must be trashed or donated and what you’ll keep. Remember to set aside anything you absolutely need and pack it separately in an overnight bag.

Start Small
To avoid getting overwhelmed and efficiently pack, start with smaller household items like jewelry, books and contents other than clothing found in dresser drawers, nightstands and closets. Children can pack up their own bedrooms as long as they know where to start and have supervision. Pack valuable jewelry as well as heirloom pieces and take them with you, so they’re safeguarded from loss or theft.

Fragile First
Along with the small stuff, pack up fragile possessions like knick-knacks, picture frames, mirrors and lamps. Special boxes exist for mirrors and picture frames. Lampshades and their bases should be dismantled and wrapped separately to prevent breakage.

Clothing and Bedding
When you start packing clothing, launder any dirty items and then sort clothing. Whatever items are out of season should be packed and tucked away. Fold clothing before packing and purchase wardrobe boxes for those pieces you don’t want wrinkled or cannot be easily folded. Store shoes and bedding in the bottom of those boxes or as padding for boxed items or in between boxes and/or furniture, says It’s suggested that you place bedding in sealed plastic bags first. Keep shoes in their original boxes if possible. If you disposed of the boxes, do not layer anything other than bedding or soft materials on top to prevent damage.

Furniture and Large Household Items
Decide what can be disassembled in your bedroom and see if you’re up to the challenge or must wait for the moving company to handle it. If you’re comfortable doing so, disassemble the bedframe. Dresser drawers should be emptied or sealed shut, but do the movers a favor and remove the drawers’ contents to eliminate extra weight. When you’ve completed those tasks, move the furniture out if you have the room.

Curtains and Carpets
If you have area rugs, vacuum or shake them out and then roll them up. Clean curtains before removing them and either hang in wardrobe boxes or wrap them up and fold for storage in moving boxes. Before completely vacating the bedroom, give it a quick clean up.