Moving with Large, Fragile Items in New Jersey

Are you a New Jersey resident nervous about moving with large, fragile items? Worried it will be a hassle? Our New Jersey long-distance movers from All Edgewater Movers are here to tell you why it’s not, or at least, why it doesn’t have to be. As a BBB accredited moving company with an A+ rating and ProMover status, we have the knowledge and experience to let you know how to move with bulky, expensive items in a way that’s simple.


Items that Need Moved with Specialized Care

Some items are big and fragile, meaning they’ll need specialized care when you move them. Examples of items like this are:

  • Large Screen and HD Televisions
  • Delicate Sculptures and Statues
  • Valuable Pieces of Artwork
  • Large and Breakable Mirrors

We recommend you choose a trusted moving company with a history of 5-star reviews, such as All Edgewater Movers, to handle moving with items like these. Our residential movers in New Jersey can offer you moving blankets, custom crating, and custom boxes.

Our moving blankets are wrapped around your large items to give them extra padding. Our custom crates are wooden boxes that are made to fit the specific dimensions of your items, preventing them from moving around on the truck. Our custom boxes, which we use to fit TVs, work the same way.

Protecting Your Assets with Full Valuation Coverage

If you want to protect your items by their real monetary value, full valuation coverage is what you need. Basic valuation coverage, which all moving companies are required to provide you, only reimburses your items by weight in the case of an accident. You will have to pay extra for full valuation, but some clients like the peace of mind knowing their belongings are fully covered.

Secure Storage Space Might be Just the Thing You Need

Moving companies like All Edgewater Movers can offer you storage space in secure warehouses if you aren’t prepared to have your large, fragile valuables with you when you move. Our climate-controlled warehouse facilities keep your items in top condition until you’re ready to have them again.

Call Our New Jersey Long-Distance Movers Now to Learn More

Our New Jersey long-distance movers from All Edgewater Movers want to speak with you about how to move large, fragile items safely. We would also like to offer you our top-rated services when you call our residential movers in New Jersey today and schedule a consultation with our team for a free estimate!